Careers in Packaging

Have you ever been fascinated by the packaging of products? Ever found yourself wondering who came up with that idea? How did they know it would work? Perhaps working in the packaging industry is your calling.  The packaging industry is a fast growing industry in the UK with endless career opportunities available. Let me walk you through 11 of them.

  1. Packaging Engineer

This is the perfect career path for Math, Science and technology enthusiasts with a passion designing. A packaging engineer uses chemical, industrial, materials and mechanical engineering knowledge to design and create boxes, cartons, bottles and other packing materials that meet specific criteria. You are the starting point of the complete package. You will need bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Packing Engineering.

  1. Package Design/ Graphics

Package designers design the packaging. They are the mastermind behind the color, shape etc. The product needs to appeal to consumers and it is the designers’ responsibility to put on their creative hats on and come up with the best design possible. For this position, you will need to hold a Graphic Communications or Graphic Design undergraduate degree.

  1. Consumer Behavior Analyst

This is the psychological side of the process. A fantastic position for people who love working behind the scenes.  In this position, you will compile reports to argue for or against consumers’ preferences by conducting research studies utilizing any methods necessary to distinguish why consumers are more inclined to buying the same product in package A rather than B. A strong background in statistics and research is useful in this role. Your degree field must include Market Research, Psychology, Statistics, and Math.

  1. Packaging Specialist

You will decide which adhesive is the right one for the container; help distinguish whether using different materials will help increase sales. An expert on different types of packaging materials, adhesives, labels and packaging technologies may work in-house or as a consultant. A degree in Biotechnology will be useful.

  1. Packaging Compliance Specialist

This is the perfect job for a perfectionist. You will handle the legalities of the production. From ensuring all paperwork is in order, to overseeing all rules and regulations have been met. In short, in this position you will handle the policies and paperwork.

  1. Packaging Operator

In this position, you sort out complex, mechanical problems while working with machinery. You will assess and test the machinery and develop new systems for packaging production.

  1. Product Tester

In this position you will test and evaluate adhesives. You are the person who gets to find out what type of environment the final product can withstand determining whether or not the packaging as a whole is well-suited to the product, climate and other conditions.

  1. Food Scientist

Food Scientists evaluate whether certain type of packaging alter the flavor of the food the interaction between the food and the packaging, and also look at the evaluating the probable shelf-life of the food in a particular package. You must take a course in Food Science to qualify for this position.

  1. Assembly Line Worker

These are factory workers with job titles like machine feeders or off-bearers, working within the packaging facility making sure all operations are sun smoothly. You can start at the entry level position and work your way up. You will need proper training and be mentally and physically fit for this position.

  1. Packaging Buyer

In this position, you will buy packaging. Your role is to make sure the packaging you have purchased is of the specified quality and within the company’s budget. You can work for any company that uses packages.

  1. Packaging Sales

This is a great opportunity for a good sales-person.  You must be great at building rapport, in charge of selling items such as packaging products or machinery. An outgoing individual who enjoys networking and building and maintaining new relationships is an ideal candidate for this position. An undergraduate diploma/degree in Marketing might take you a step closer to securing this position. However, some people are just innately good at building new business relationship and convincing people to buy products.

Career opportunities are endless in the packaging industry. Select whichever appeals to you and go for it!

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