Role of An Administrator

The role of an administrator is a pivotal one, be it for running an organization or the country. It involves great deal of knowledge as well as needs constant multi-tasking, as it needs one to work at all levels of the organization, work in teams, be a bridge between the various segments, oversee everyone’s work, give suggestions to the management on important subjects, do short term and long term planning, execute the plans at ground level and most importantly, make sure that all the levels of the organizations are working smoothly and quickly solve grievances if any. It is one of the most sorts after job, but one needs to be highly qualified for the same. It requires great deal of studies and efficiency to acquire such a job and obviously, it is a very highly paid job for the same reason. As for public administration, it involves execution of governmental policies, to serve the population, for the well being of the society and the people of the country. Public administration, in other words, is all about converting political decisions into actions and involves an administrator to take care of finances, HR, politics, law, sociology and other disciples, etc, all within the periphery of democratic values. Such a job requires one to be an MBA or Master in Public administration and also one need to clear a nationwide examination to work in the public sector.

A number of colleges offer part time and full time courses in administration. Depending on which industry and at what level of the organization, one wish to work in, one has to choose the course and the length of the course. Also now days there are a number of online courses which help a person acquire new skills, which have been newly introduced, keeping in mind the ever changing technology. These courses help a person be up to date with the present developments and are considered a plus, while getting an increment or promotion.


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