Cooking…Transition from Duty to Art to Love!

Cooking is obviously important for the very existence of human life, but for very long, cooking was looked upon as a duty, mostly performed by the women of the house. Since time immemorial, men are looked upon as the bread winners and women as somebody who would take care of the house and cook for all the family members.

Over the period of time, cooking has seen a lot of transition. From being a mere responsibility, it became a science and now an art. It is not important to only cook well, presentation is also important and various foods are eaten with the help of different instruments, like fork, chopsticks and most common being the spoon. It is no more only a women’s domain, men have taken it up big time. In fact a lot of men have taken up cooking as a profession and work as chefs, be it a small motel or a five star hotel.  Cooking is now more about culinary etiquettes and beautiful presentations. Also, with more and more eating options available outside, food from all parts of the globe is available everywhere, hence cooking is looked upon more as a passion and love.

Anyone who is interested in learning this art can easily do so. There are a number of colleges for the same and also part- time and full-time courses available online. There is a course for everything, from how to lay a table, to how to make a 6 layered cake, from decorating a salad platter to making the best chicken. Everything is available at a click of a button. One need not go anywhere outside. All you need is an urge to learn. A number of videos are also present, which show every little detail and help you get a full understanding of it. Master Chef Competitions around the world are a beautiful example of what people around the world are capable of cooking. So, put on your apron, search for what you wish to cook and just get started. Cooking is indeed a way to everyone’s heart!

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